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Global Spirit


Singfest 2018


Here is a sample of our music, recorded in St John of God Church, Christchurch in 2003.

Uyahalalela – African song of celebration

Akanamandla – South African freedom song

Someday – Perky Gospel

Biko – Peter Gabriel’s paen to Steve Biko

Svanetian Round Dance – Eastern European folk song

Tagi Sina – From Tokolau, about the raid by slave traders

God Is Listening – Gospel

You Are Vineyard – Atmospheric 16th century chant

MLK – U2’s paen to Martin Luther King

Throw Your Arms – Hunters and Collectors love song (Australia)

Dulaman – Irish folk song

Four Seasons In One Day – Kiwi Crowded House classic

I Dumaj Zlato – Eastern European relationship song

People Get Ready – Curtis Mayfield gospel classic

Asikha Thali – African celebration song

Guantanamera – Cuban classic

Lou Atunuu – Samoan church song