About Us

Global Voices gets its buzz from making music together, developing our creativity, and celebrating diversity. We aim to perform to our greatest potential, and to enjoy being together as a community of like-minded people interested in participating in the emergence of global understanding.

We have around 30 male and female members – soprano, alto, tenor and bass.

Global Voices performs several times a year and has recorded two CDs. We perform at events such as weddings and social gatherings, particularly those that promote freedom of expression and equality for all people.

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Musical Direction

Our leader, Helen Charlton, is a Christchurch based vocal teacher, choral conductor and performer. Helen completed her Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Canterbury, majoring in performance singing and has a graduate diploma in secondary school teaching.  As well as the Global Voices, Helen conducts  several secondary school choirs and a barbershop chorus.

Our musical director, Helen Charlton.

Our musical director, Helen Charlton.



The Christchurch Global Choir was founded by local choral legends Nikki Berry and Lee Lawrence in 1995 after a workshop led by Stephen Taberner. The Global Choir was formed, with members taking turns to conduct and Stephen visiting regularly to provide mentoring and new material. In time, Nikki and Lee both went on to form their own choirs. An incorporated society, The Global Choir contracted Simon De Jong as its first Musical Director. When he accepted a teaching position in the UK in 2002, Helen Charlton took up the role.

In 2007 The Global Choir decided to change its name to Global Voices, to coincide with the launch of its first professionally recorded and produced CD ‘Global Voices – The Global Choir 10 Years On’.

In 2013 Global Voices released their second CD ‘Global Spirit’.